LVL as construction material

Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) is a wood-based product manufactured from multiple thin layers of veneer that are arranged in the same direction. It is one of the most widely used engineered wood products for constructional applications.

LVL Versatility

LVL is a versatile composite product. Together with plywood, lumber or OSB (Oriented Strand Board), LVL can be used for many structural applications. Some of the most popular uses of LVL include header, roadway signpost, I-joists, truss, rim boards, beam, truck bed decking, special applications such as skateboards, and custom-made panels for marine uses.


LVL in constructional application

In addition to constructional applications, LVL is also used in furniture production. Many manufacturers use LVL to make bed slats, sofa frame, kitchen cabinet frame, door core and so on. Moreover, LVL can be material for packing product like pallet.


LVL for sofa frame


LVL major advantages include its dimension, shape, high strength properties and low cost. First, due to its manufacturing method, LVL dimension is not limited by log size. Next, LVL is one of the strongest wood-based construction materials relative to its density. Weego LVL has density about 720 – 730 kg/m3.


LVL dimension is not limited by the log size

Thirdly, because it is manufactured with homogeneous quality that has a minimum number of defects or even distribution of defects, mechanical properties of the finished product can be predicted. In general, LVL can be produced in different shapes depending on for what it will be used. Besides, material used to make LVL is short-lived tree species such as rubber, cashew, acacia, eucalyptus, pine, etc. Therefore, LVL has the great advantage of using wood resources efficiently.


Like other wood composites, LVL has several disadvantages. Enhancement of strength properties of LVL by densification of veneer during the press is very limited. If LVL is not properly store in warehouse or installed, it may result in some defect, such as warping. Also, LVL requires high capital investment to have relatively low production cost. Therefore, high demand is necessary to have a profitable operation.


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