Handling and storage of LVL

LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) is becoming more and more popular in our daily life. There are many applications of LVL: bed slats, sofa, frame, pallet, packing, beam, etc. If LVL is handled and stored in the same way, it can last as long as sawn timber. In this article, we will discuss handling and storage of LVL so you can use it as long as possible.


  • Store well clear of the ground level bearer spaced at maximum 1800mm centres
  • Cover to keep dry but still ventilating
  • Avoid areas easy to ponding


LVL storage at Weego factory


  • E-joists must only be stacked in the upright position to avoid any damage during storage or handling
  • Only stack on level bearers (3.0m spacing max) providing a ground clearance of at least 150mm
  • Do not stack e-joists on the flat
  • Cover e-joist to keep dry while allowing for ventilation
  • Avoid placing e-joist over areas susceptible to ponding.



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