Features of LVL

LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) is a homogenous construction material with unique performance. Actually, it is a technologically enhanced and improved high strength structural wood-based material. The complex engineering process results in. Features of LVL significantly exceed those of sawn timber, glulam and solid wood.

High strength

LVL has outstanding characteristics that put it among the most advanced and technological products currently used in construction. It owns unique strength properties. Its Modulus of Elasticity is 24% higher than that of solid spruce while its bending strength is twice as high. These properties bring high capacity to LVL at smaller cross-section which in its turn significantly reduces the total volume of required lumber.


In comparison to ordinary beams, LVL has better fire resistance. It is achieved through multiple layers of veneers and less porosity of material. Phenol-formaldehyde resin is neutral to oxidation and doesn’t support ignition. High density and absence of cracks prevent from fire propagation and thermal effects inside the material.


LVL has multiple layers of wood veneers that are laid up in the same direction. Therefore, it has highest uniformity in all types of plywood. Moreover, thanks to its laminated structure and production technology, LVL is an entirely homogenous material with unchangeable physical characteristics lengthwise and consistent performance irrespective of seasonal factors. That is, it’s a material with homogenous symmetrical structure that does not change its performance over its entire service life.



LVL can maintain precise linear dimensions in spite of seasonal factors, environment and climate. LVL is less to prone or warping. When exposed to humidity, LVL neither warps nor buckles, neither checks nor rots, offers minimum natural shrinkage and absorbs practically no moisture. As a result, the dead weight of an LVL beam remains unchanged in humid environment.


The stability of LVL linear dimensions ensures high accuracy of adjusting parts which underlines durability and long-lasting appeal of LVL structures as opposed to solid wood susceptible to swelling and buckling. LVL also offers higher resistance to corrosive factors such as water vapors, ammonium, salty vapors etc. That is why it is a favorite material in the construction applications: swimming pools, housing, aquatic parks, agricultural and industrial structures.

LVL is rightfully considered to be the best wood material in terms of technology, reliability and performance. Features of LVL put it among the most advanced and technological products currently used in construction.

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