We are a plywood manufacturer and trader in Vietnam serving customers from many countries in the world with 3 orientations as Credit, Responsibility and Mutual success.

About our name

“Weego” means always moving, always expanding and cooperating for development.

In the same way, “we”, our company and you, will never stop developing and thriving for success. In addition, the Latin word “Go” implies “Go for Co-operation”. With that orientation, we always set for ourselves the strictest standards to become more professional so that we can serve our customers in the best way possible.

On the other hand, our name reflects our corporate culture. Here, we all work, devote and flourish. Besides, as said in an African proverb: “If You Want To Go Fast, Go Alone. If You Want To Go Far, Go Together”, we believe that unity makes strength. A united group of people can create miracles. In co-operation, we only look for win-win situations, to which rule do we respect and commit.  Our growth can only be sustainable when our partners are growing at the same time. Therefore, what we would like to say is: We, not I, thrive and success together.

Our philosophy

We believe that it is crucial to have a dream and passion in doing our job. They give us strong motivations, guide us to the right path and lift us up in hard times when the world seems down. The Weego dream is to take Vietnamese products to the world and to be recognized and supported by international friends. To achieve that dream, we are step by step introducing our products to thousands of foreign customers and working passionately to manufacture the highest quality goods. Each cargo container is a mark, a part of our heart, a promise from us to our partners of our professionalism and loyalty.

We work to benefit both our customers and society at large. Doing business doesn’t mean that we can forget our responsibility with the community, which is illustrated in both our daily actions and business decisions. A big example is that we give priority to factories hiring women, the disabled and the elderly during leisure after harvest time. We also consider creating jobs for people in re-education camps a meaningful and beneficial action.

Our proactiveness – Our competitive advantage

Our company is well aware that the stability of the supply source, the ability to promptly and continuously provide goods and control the product quality plays an important role in every business. Acknowledging and committing to do this is our strength thorough many years exporting goods. Thanks to our ability to stabilize product sources, we are able to proactively manage risks, secure our transactions and our partners, guarantee our supply capacity at all time.

Our ability

  1. Product supply capacity

We are proud to be able to provide a variety of products and qualities at extremely competitive prices. This is the result of years of experience in commodity trading and the effort to connect with hundreds of factories/workshops all over Vietnam producing different products for different customer segments. Working with us, you can find both the most expensive goods for the strictest markets in the world and most economical products for developing markets. And even more to it, we are willing and able to provide our customer with any quantity of goods, from less than a container load to hundreds of containers at once or the quantity worth the biggest bulk cargo ship full.

  1. Delivery

We are more than confident to say that our customers never have to worry about our delivery time and export/custom documents.  With more than a half of our staff experienced in logistics field and tens of reliable forwarders in and out of Vietnam to support our operation, all of our documents and goods are mostly shipped earlier than deadlines. We also prevent document errors by sending a copy of everything to our customer for review before shipping.

  1. Professional and dedicated service

  • We never sleep

We know that it is always working hours somewhere else in the world even when it is sleeping hours in Vietnam. There are hundreds of thousands of transactions being closed every hour of every day. Our customers may need our support anytime anywhere, which is the reason why we are at your service no matter what time it is, our working hour is 24/7. The maximum time we take to respond to an inquiry is less than 1 hour.

  • Valuable consultation

Along with years of experience in export-import and logistics of different products, all of our salespersons have to go through a strict training course for deep understanding of our products, manufacturing process, shipping, payment, international commercial law, proper sales and consulting methods, etc. to make sure that they can provide accurate information and support our customers in best way possible.

  • Continuously updates

We deeply understand our customers’ insecurity before, during and after transactions. Risks are everywhere and troubles can arise at any time. Our salespersons know best about periodically and continuously inform our customer of everything happened regarded their business, such as: production progress, goods location, documents issuance, etc. Especially, all troubles and unexpected events are always informed promptly to our customers for information, discussion and handling.

  1. Experiences

One of the biggest advantages of a joint-stock company is that we can acquire the knowledge and experiences of our stockholders and gather senior employees from our predecessor companies. Weego JSC. is invested by 3 successful stockholders experienced in different fields, giving us the following experiences:

  • 20 years in exporting agricultural products to all continents in the world
  • 15 years in banking credit and trade finance
  • 15 years in corporate management for corporations with the annual revenue of hundreds of millions USD

Besides of those, 100% of our staff is senior executives and already have years of experience in their field before joining our team.

The combination of all the people above gives us not only a professional, effective and efficient internal system but also undeniable competitive advantage in business.

  1. Recognized prestige

We are extremely proud that our company has been credited by hundreds of partners and customers as well as recommended by many Vietnam trade offices. Those recognitions grand us an enormous motivation to develop our work, co-operate and lift up more partners working with us and serve well for more customers every day.